loganloFINALA Great First Date: The Guide to This Postmodern Love is unique among books about finding “the One” – it doesn’t tell you how to go about finding your soul mate, but rather about how to approach and participate in dating in a positive way …. The author also writes with humor and draws from his own first-hand experience, which gives a personal touch to the book. Recommended to readers who are serious about going on dates as a way to meet a future partner.  – Sarah Frantz, Penn Book Review

SF Book Review

[A] brisk, informative read …. [The author] puts bad dates in perspective; peppers the text with quotes from Malcolm Gladwell, Anais Nin, etc., and explains why the classic dinner-and-a-movie is exactly the wrong choice for a first date (he doesn’t recommend a potential couple sharing a meal until date #3). … Throughout the book, the Ten Baseline Beliefs are used as a reality check and … will prompt readers to evaluate their own lives and mindsets, all while they’re developing skills as a dater.

A Great First Date: The Guide to this Postmodern Love’ is due for release on Valentine’s Day, 2014 on every major eBook platform, including Amazon Kindle. Pre-order now at iTunes,, or