loganloFINALA Great First Date: New Book Helps Singles Make True Connections, Providing Contemporary, Candid Advice Based on Recent Real-World Experience.

Logan Lo’s innovative new guide is a frank, straightforward, and cerebral guide to contemporary dating that breaks away from clichéd and hackneyed ideas of what a first-date is and should be like. In a society where most dating advice comes from fictional scenarios in movies or advice columns written decades ago, ‘A Great First Date’ prepares readers for traditional love in a postmodern world.

New York City, NY – Logan Lo sums up modern dating perfectly: It’s easier than ever to meet people through online and mobile dating services, but making a strong first connection is harder than it’s ever been. The reason? Dating advice that’s either out of date, out of touch, or based on pure fantasy.

While the dating scene is evolving as rapidly as the technology driving it, Lo’s new book helps singles grasp reality, and learn solid self-improvement techniques along the way, to make their next first date a successful one. ‘A Great First Date: The Guide to this Postmodern Love’ is raw, honest, and one of the most forthright and unconventional dating books ever written.


Dating is nothing like it once was. Online dating, once an oddity, is now commonplace and the new cutting edge consists of social media, text messaging, and smartphone apps.

Things you never dreamed possible – like meeting someone via a phone in your back pocket – are now the new normal. Who knows what’s next?

But while it may be easier than ever to meet people, it’s just as hard, (if not harder) to connect with them. And that first date is the key opportunity to make that connection. Sometimes it’s the only one you’ll get.

The most common advice given for a first date is to “just be yourself.” But it’s never so easy, is it? That’s because “just being yourself” isn’t enough; you’ve got to be your BEST self.

That’s what A Great First Date is all about – it’s a book that shows you how to present the best and most appealing version of yourself, right off the bat. And the dating advice given isn’t from movies, television, or imagined scenarios of what a first date should be like, but from recent, real-world experience.

The world may be different, but the need to make real, honest connections remains the same. A Great First Date is about making that connection happen, starting with that all-important first date.

The author hopes readers can use his book to discover many harsh truths that could ultimately help them find their life partner with relative ease.

“The biggest problem with the current dating scene is simply bad and outdated advice. One recent website said that a good first date idea is to bring someone to the hot, new, hard-to-get-into restaurant. That advice is so laughably bad, I wonder if anyone’s ever actually tried that to success. In fact, the web is full of suggestions that make me think their authors haven’t been on a real date since grade school. The worst advice? ‘Just be yourself,’ as if you’re one person all the time. It’s one of those sayings that have an air of truth to it but really mean nothing, because what makes anyone interesting is that they’re multifaceted – who wants to date a banker that’s a banker 24/7? A better – and more realistic – suggestion is: ‘Be your best self.’ I found myself suddenly single in my thirties and realized that most advice is not only obsolete, it’s just plain wrong. This book is the result of a lot of trial-and-error so that readers can get it right the first time,” says Lo.

Continuing, “With technology, meeting people has actually gotten easier – over 40% of couples now meet online – but connecting with them is just as hard, if not harder than it’s ever been. I show readers how to do that in a way that rings true because it comes from a place of truth; concrete advice stemming from real-world experience. It’s so easy to say, ‘Just bring them to a movie,’ or ‘Bring flowers and tickets to a hot Broadway show,’ because people have said that for decades. It just doesn’t work today, if it ever did. And it doesn’t work because it misses the point of a first date, which is to make that connection. I show people how to make that connection.”

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